Can I edit, combine or cancel an order?

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Helpful Tip When You Want to Add to An Order:

Many customer send us a support ticket asking to edit their order, adding a product they might have forgotten or found was replenished that day. While we try to accomodate these requests during normal business hours, we may not always have the opportunity before the product is sold out. This is especially true shortly after restock, where customer interest is highest and inventory goes quickly.

It is recommended that you instead place a second order and ask us to combine

Placing a second order secures the product you want before someone else gets it, and we run out of inventory.

Editing Your Order

Changes are dependent on the internal stages that our fulfillment team are with your order:

    • Our customer service team will first check if the order is in the "picking" stage, meaning that the existing order is getting ready to ship that day.
    • If the order is in this stage, it means that staff is far along the process and and we cannot make changes. Our customer service representative will inform you if we cannot do it.

Correcting Artwork for Existing Custom Order?

If you make a mistake with your custom artwork or need to update it, you may have need to cancel your order, or request an order change with our customer service staff.  We offer a correction app that allows you to send new artwork or revisions to existing artwork after placing an order.  Please read here for more details.

Cancel Your Order

Please send a message to with your request to cancel.  Be sure to include your order number. Staff will attempt to cancel the order during business hours of (9am-5pm US EST).

If you have already received an email from stating that your order has shipped, we cannot cancel the order.  You can request a return when the order is delivered. 

I Can't Cancel Because it has Already Shipped? Alright, I'm filing a Non-Authorized Payment Claim with my Bank.

When customers intentionally file claim an unauthorized payment claim with their bank, this is often called "friendly fraud" in the retail space.  Your account with us will be terminated, and information regarding the incident is recorded with a fraud database that is used by other retailers.  Future orders at other retailers may be flagged. We encourage you not to perform this. 

What about Pre-Orders or Always on Reserve Orders?

Pre-orders or Always on Reserve orders can be cancelled before the advertised launch date.

Combine Orders

Combining Domestic Orders?

Similar to order changes, our customer service team will see if the previous order is in the "picking" stage. If it is in the picking stage, we're unable to combine the orders. If the previous order is not yet in the picking stage, the CS team will combine the orders together and send a partial refund for the difference in the two shipments. 

Combining International Orders?

We will not combine international orders unless done by request of the customer.  Our experience is that some international customers prefer to separate shipments to lower their VAT and customs fees, since higher overall value can pass a threshold that charges a much higher fee.

If you want to combine your international order, please send a note to, or use the form in our support portal to send a message.  Please make sure to include your order ID. Again, requests to change, cancel, or combine an order with another, while possible, are not guaranteed, as staff and customer service team may not manage to coordinate an order adjustment or cancellation before it is shipped.  

How Partial Shipping Refunds are Offered for Order Combines

Our fulfillment team will instruct our customer service team, who will send you a message indicating that these orders were combined into a single order.  We call it the surviving order.  If shipping was paid across those multiple orders, you will receive a refund of the shipping difference of the total shipping you paid and the rate paid to ship your order.  For example.

Order 999998 is the surviving order. Shipping paid is $5.00
Order 999999 is the non-surviving order. Shipping paid is $7.00
Shipping total across surviving and non-surviving orders) is $12

Shipping rate we paid to carrier for surviving order (combined items) is $8.25

$12 - $8.25 is $3.75. This is the shipping difference.

You will refund $3.75 - from the “non-surviving” orders.

What about Combining Pre-Orders?

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We will not combine two separate pre-orders, nor combine a pre-order that has already completed checkout with a non-preorders, due to the logistics in keeping these separate orders organized internally.

Will You Combine Custom Orders with non-Custom Orders?

We will not combine two custom orders together or custom orders with a non-custom order.

It is encouraged that you read our helpful article, Before You Checkout to learn more about our policies, and tips to ensure a good shopping experience.  

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