How do I edit or update an order?

Please note: We cannot guarantee that any requests to add, change or cancel an order will be addressed before our warehouse processes the shipment. Please make sure to double-check your order's shipping address, and consider planning your project to ensure the pieces you need are in your shopping cart.

If your order has not yet shipped, you can send us a request to update your order.  To do this, you can send an email to, or send a message to us directly from your account. We will contact you within 1 business day or less to confirm the update.  If the order update removes certain items, you will receive a refund for the purchase of those items.  If the update adds one or several new items, we will send you an invoice via Paypal, or initiate a charge to your credit card for the additional items.  We may have to include a revised shipping amount if the additional items significantly increase the total weight of the order.  We will inform you of any charges to your credit card that result from an updated order.

It is important to note that the fulfillment and shipping departments work from their queue in the order that they are received. On occasion the warehouse may ship an order before our customer service department has reached your inquiry.

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