I live in the USA. What can I do when an order has a damaged item?

Purchased Route Shipping Insurance? File a Claim

Have you purchased Route Shipping Insurance at checkout? If so, please read this article to learn more about filing a damage claim and receive a refund:

I purchased Route shipping insurance and have a claim. Who do I contact about it?

Route will either attempt to repurchase the damaged portions of the order at no cost to you, or refund your order contents based on what is damaged. You can then decide to purchase your order again with us.

If you did not purchase Route Shipping Insurance

Please send a message to orders@focusattack.com.  In the email, please provide the following:

  • Your order ID
  • Photos of the damaged plexi or artwork
  • Photos of the damaged packaging
  • Any additional information about the condition that the packaging was received in

We will use these photos and information to file our claim with the shipping carrier. 

We will review the report, and if inventory is available, will issue a replacement unit. We may ask for the original product back and will provide a return label for that product.  You will have 15 days to return the product.  If it is not returned, further actions are taken to address this.

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