What does the Plexworks Job Tracker statuses actually mean?

Here is a list of statuses that will appear in the Plexworks Job Tracker, along with an explanation:

  • IN PROGRESS: We received and began working on your order
  • DRY/POLISH: Artwork has finished print and cut, or plexi is etched and/or cut.  Artwork is now drying and setting on paper.  Polish is applied to the plexi and allowed to dry. Please allow 24 hours for this process.
  • PROCEEDING TO ART: If your custom order contains both artwork and plexi, we completed the plexi and are printing artwork.
  • PROCEEDING TO PLEXI: If your custom order contains both artwork and plexi, we completed the artwork and are cutting or etching plexi.
  • COMPLETE: Your custom order is ready for packing
  • TRANSIT TO WAREHOUSE - If your order has non-custom items, the custom portion of that order is shipped to our warehouse for further processing.  Please allow one 1-2 extra business days.
  • SHIPPED: Your custom order has shipped.  You will receive an email confirmation with tracking.
  • HOLD: There is an issue with the contents of order submission.  You will receive email correspondence from support@focusattackllc.zendesk.com. It may first appear in your spam filter, so please check this as well.
  • CANCEL: The order was cancelled at your request, or hold status one week past the manufacture date.

More information regarding the Job Tracker is available here.

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