Where did Artwork and Plexi Services Go?

Until Monday January 8, 2018, Plexworks services are taken offline as we catch up to demand that followed our most recent holiday sales .

What Happens to Existing Orders?

All orders that were placed before this writing are in our queue to complete.  None will be canceled.  If you placed an order with us, you can still track it using our  Custom Job Tracker.

Of note, due to the heavy load of custom orders in November and December, the tracker can take 20-30 seconds to return results.  We are working to optimize search functions and reduce this time to a few seconds.

When Will I get My Custom Order?

We normally ask for about 7-10 business days to process a custom order, as the process requires additional time to set up, print, cut, and/or etch. Due to the much higher than average demand, this may take longer.  The temporary stop in accepting new orders ensures that staff can focus on all existing orders. You can check the Custom Job Tracker for status updates.

What about Premium Wall Prints?

Udon's Premium Wall Prints utilize a different process, and because it doesn't require unique processing for every print, will remain available for purchase during this period.

What About the Free Shipping for Orders over $40 Promotion that Ends in 2018?

We understand the frustration of losing out of this should your desired order include artwork.  As a result are extending the promotion until January 15, 2018.

Why does this Happen?

We found that a mix of accessibility and price will create significant demand during sale events.  Many players jump on the discounted price, and uploading artwork is rather easy to perform. Often we receive hundreds of jobs in a short period of time - in which printable quality will vary or arrive without use of our Photoshop templates. While this is fine, staff still needs time to process those images, or contact the customer if something is wrong with the submitted artwork. This adds to the turnaround time, which is compounded during sales.  

How Will You Fix This?

  1. We are currently training new staff to assist with downloading submitted artwork, processing and notifying designers of issues so they can contact the customer.
  2. New investments were made towards solutions that can significantly reduce artwork drying time, along with  more efficient methods to improve quality of artwork cuts.  The adjustments should shorten turnaround time across all products. This is an ongoing process and will not yet launch when we re-open in January.
  3. Sale events will no longer discount custom services.  Unlike inventory, we recognize that it is quite difficult to discount these services and offer the same level of quality and speed that you expect and deserve. While I don't expect that custom orders will cease to spike during sales, it may help to normalize some of the demand.  As always, you can use coupon codes earned through FA.Rewards to save on any product or service at the store, anytime you want. 
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