What does "Warning: Template not provided" mean?

While processing custom artwork and plexi services, our staff will include notes for both other staff and customers. These will appear in the Custom Job Tracker, and viewed by entering your order ID (ie: 123456).

To facilitate submitting custom artwork, we provide helpful control panel templates for you to use.  Submitting these helps us position the artwork cuts exactly where you want it.  

When a submission does not have a template, we will add the following note: "Warning: Template not provided".  Please note that this does NOT prevent your artwork from printing, but without a template, you waive your right to request a correction due to improper printing.  Our designers must use their best judgement to position or resize the artwork to match the Fightstick or other product we're printing upon. 

Similar warning messages:

  • Warning: Non FA Template - a template was used, but from another vendor, and may not match our internal templates positioning.
  • Warning: No overprint - artwork does not contain a "bleed", which may affect its presentation when cut to shape. See our article regarding tips to properly submit custom artwork.

If you were not aware of the templates, you can submit a correction if the job tracker status is "In Queue" "In Progress" or "HOLD". 

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