Why does my tracking number starting with "RL" always show "Info Received" "or Package Acceptance Pending" when I click on the tracking link?

If you are an international customer, login to our store, and are checking the shipping progress by clicking the link provided in the order details, you are likely seeing a similar screen as the one below.


It will always state "Info Received", even over several days. This is due to Aftership, the shipping tracker app that our store uses, not properly recognizing the tracking ID.

Instead, please use GlobalPost Tracking:


Enter the RL tracking number in full. For example:


Once entered, you will see more detailed tracking, including progress that you would not see in Aftership. 


This is Annoying. Why don't you email this tracking to us when the order ships?

We actually do.  Each shipping notification for international customers contains a link directly to Globalpost.  Naturally this is overlooked and customers instead check their tracking at the store.  We understand and apologize for the inconvenience.  We are working with our shipping partners to include proper tracking updates in the store tracking app.

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