Why is my order taking so long to ship?!

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Since the launch of Street Fighter 6 in early June, one of the most common questions we've received is "why is my order taking so long?"  While I have posted a message about this on our store blog and a prominent banner to the blog appears on every page of the site, it's understandable that some may have never visited focusattack.com since placing the order, and inquiring solely by email.

This article is hopefully a means to set expectations before our customer service staff addresses your email specifically. 

The Overwhelming Demand of Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is a monumental title - by far one of the most ambitious fighting game sequels that Capcom has ever made.  It includes a packed launch roster of characters with new ones coming each season, a new and approachable control scheme for non fighting game players, plus a robust social hub - a first for the series. This has brought in a massive group of new players to the genre.  With that, a newfound interest in imported arcade parts and customization services such as fightstick artwork. 

While I was aware of the potential, there isn't an easy way to anticipate just how much demand would spike in recent weeks.  Upon a restock, our store was flooded with hundreds more orders than we typically get.  Some days, demand was so high the max amount of orders staff could complete in a day were doubled or tripled. Our staff has since tried to pick, pack and ship orders in the queue. 

Our Plans to Catch Up with Orders

We're employing a number of methods to catch up with the orders, and then stay on top.

  1. Overtime hours are offered to staff, including weekends
  2.  Management is pitching in to process orders across non-custom and custom
  3. We have hired a dedicated weekend staffer and he is currently training across both custom and non-custom

Communicating our Position

Each business day, I will update our store blog current shipping schedule and custom order processing schedule. Please consider visiting here to see where your order may stand.

Cancelling your Order?

Please contact our customer service team if you wish to cancel your order.

While no retailer wants to see orders cancelled, I fully understand the position we're currently in may require that you shop elsewhere. We're fine with these requests, and will continue working on the remaining orders. 

Thanks for your Support

For those who choose to wait, I do appreciate your support.  We've tried to make certain all customers know our position by posting updates on our website and on every page.  We still receive heavy demand each day, and our imported stock continues to dwindle. Once we restock on those core parts such as buttons and joystick levers, I expect sales to explode again.

All retailers in the fighting game space is dealing with incredibly heavy demand right now thanks to Street Fighter 6. It's up to them to communicate that to their customers, or decide not to.  I feel this - posting updates on our website and on every page for new shoppers to see - is the best way to set expectations.

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