TE2 Plexi and Artwork - The Differences Between Generation 1 1/16" and Generation 2 1/40"

Before we start, it's important to recognize that the MadCatz T.E.2 comes with its own plexi panel, and paper artwork underneath. MadCatz made this model quite mod-friendly; one of the benefits of the TE2 is that you can use the existing panel simply replace new artwork.

I've noticed that the 1/16" TE2 panel is one of our most popular products, yet it's possible that this is simply because some new players don't realize that the plexi panel does not need replacement to install artwork.  You can simply order Gen 2 artwork and use the existing panel. The 1/16" panel is mainly used for etching artwork onto the panel, and for those who want the traditional method to installing buttons on top of the plexi.

The MadCatz TE2 ushered in a new size in Fightsticks, designed to accomodate and store additional parts, and intentional ease of accessibility for cosmetic and technical mods.  The first generation of the TE2 used a unique beveled edge control panel plexi.  MadCatz followed up with a Generation 2 control panel, a much thinner plexi designed to make artwork install easier than the previous model.  The layout featured larger button holes which actually surrounded the button, instead of fitting beneath the rim.

Plexworks will offer both generations as Generation 1 1/16" Adjusted and Generation 2 1/40".  I'll explain the differences as they apply to the service.

Generation 1 1/16" Adjusted

Sample Illustration: MadCatz TE2 1/16

The first generation TE2 offered a slightly thicker plexi with beveled edge plexi than the newer Generation 2.  Tests performed on both first and next generation hardware confirmed that a 1/16" could still work with them. We are offering a 1/16" thick acrylic as an alternative, as unlike thinner plexi, will handle etching and comes in additional colors.  Most notably, the button holes are sized so that the plexi rests underneath the plexi. This approach is a more common for plexi installation.  Keep in mind: if you choose this plexi, and own a more recent Type N model, you will not use the button spacers any more.  The spacers were designed to raise the button 1mm from the control panel surface.

In this case, the buttons will rest atop the plexi.  The Generation 1 1/16" plexi fits below the existing border.

Sample photo: MadCatz TE2 with 1/16

Generation 2 1/40"

Sample Image: MadCatz TE2

First generation MadCatz T.E.2 Fightsticks utilized a bevel-edge panel that allowed it to fit flush with the panel border.  Later generation models including the T.E.2+, Generation 2 removed the bevel edge but also use a much thinner plastic cover.  The cover is designed to fit around pushbuttons, instead of the traditional placement under the buttons.  This unique design requires our 1/40" PETG plastic film.  While we can cut to shape, currently cannot etch onto this film; if you would like to order etching for the TE2, you can still order Custom Etch and Cut Plexi Cover for MadCatz T.E.2 (Generation 1 1/16" Adjusted).  Later models like the T.E.2+ will accept the slightly thicker plexi.

Because the plexi surrounds the button, the pushbutton does not have the usual spacing below the button rim to prop it up.  If you own the newer model TE2, such as the TE2+, you likely have these spacers.  If you are switching from an older TE2 to the newer model, and don't have these spacers, you can purchase a pack of 8 spacers from our store.

Sample photo: TE2 Type N button spacers

Sample photo: TE2 Type N button spacers



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