Plexworks Custom Job Tracker

The FA Plexworks Custom Job Tracker keeps you updated of your custom order's progress.  To see the status of your custom order, please enter your order ID and press "Search".  Your order ID is available by email, or if you registered an account with our site, via your order history.    


Here is an example of the Job Tracker's interface after an order ID is searched:


Here is a breakdown of the columns represented in the interface:

  • CREATED: When your custom order moved to production - the main phase of our service - we mark the date that the print or plexi has entered into this stage. This is the date that we can no longer accept changes.
  • TYPE: We identify the product or service ordered under these current designations: PLEXI, ARTWORK, DUSTWASHER
  • STATUS: Your order will appear in the following states during fulfillment. A full explanation of available statuses is here:

    What does the Plexworks Job Tracker statuses actually mean?
  • SHIPPED: Once your full order has shipped, we will include the date it was shipped.  You will receive tracking via email.
  • OPTIONS: Visible on specific types and statuses, this represents a dropdown that shows available choices for your order.

Submitting Corrections

Corrections are now built right into the tracker.  Mistakes happen, or sometimes you may change your mind about a design you want printed. Here you can send us a correction or update by clicking the "Options" dropdown and choosing "Send a Correction". 

Upon clicking "Send a correction", a new upload screen will appear. The interface is streamlined: You no longer need to enter your name, email address or order ID.  You can upload a total of five (5) files and a maximum of 250MB cross these files.


Return/Refund policy for Job Status

Please note that certain statuses determine how we can handle requests to adjust your order: 

  • Custom orders can be adjusted or cancelled while the custom order status is "In Queue", "In Progress", or "HOLD"  Please note that we may have already started working on your order. 
  • Orders that enter the status of "Moved to Production", "Moving to Artwork" or "Moving to Plexi" are subject to partial refunds only as this stage represents a portion of a completed custom order. More information regarding this policy are available here: Can I cancel my custom order?

We believe that the Custom Job Tracker serves as a great communication tool for anyone anxiously waiting for updates on their order.   

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