Available Fightstick Models

We currently provide plexi control panels and custom artwork services for the following Fightstick makes and models.  The list will be updated periodically as newer - and older - models are added:


TE (Round 1, Round 2, TE-S, 2015 Model T.E.S+ for Xbox360)

 TE Round 1 and Round 2


MadCatz TES+ for Xbox 360

TE2 (Original, Type N model)

 TE2 original for Xbox and N for PS4

SFxT Fightstick PRO 

Fightstick PRO Models: General and SFxT Cross

TE.S+ for PS4



Razer Atrox (Xbox One, Xbox 360)

 Razer Atrox for Xbox One and Xbox 360

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Qanba Q4RAF, Eightarc Fusion/Synthesis models

Qanba Q4 and Eightarc Fusion, Synthesis Models 

Qanba Q1 CUT (version 1 and 2)

 Qanba Q1 for Xbox360 and PS3


Hori RAP Series: V3-SA (PS3), SX (Xbox 360), V4 (PS4), RAP V (Xbox One) KAI alternative models 

Hori RAP V, RAP 4 Kai

Please review your model before choosing a HRAP template - Kai model (pictured) positions joystick further from pushbuttons.  SA/SX model (below) has joystick closer to buttons.

V3/VX SA (not Kai model)


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More makes and models are added each quarter.  

Here are helpful guides to guide you with submitting your custom plexi or artwork order:




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