Custom Etch Dustwashers

Plexworks' dustwasher services will begin with custom etch 31 and 38mm discs.  Each disc is cut from .060" (1/16") thickness clear cast or black acrylic.  In time, we will add colored acrylic in either .060" or .125 (1/8").

We offer custom etch 31 and 38mm dustwashers with hole sizes for the following joysticks:

We offer custom etch 38mm dustwashers for these joystick modifications as well.

Further, we will offer acrylic dustwasher etching services for larger joysticks such as the Suzo Happ Competition or Industrias Lorenzo Euro Joystick.

More joysticks models will be added periodically.

Additional Notes

  • Visit our Custom Dustwasher Template article to download the components used to submit a personalized dustwasher.  
  • Pre-designed patterns are available to choose for a flat retail price of $3.95  You will find these patterns displayed in the product listing. You do not need to submit a custom artwork if you choose these patterns. Examples include the Punch/Kick Pattern, below:

    Dustwasher Samples

  • Looking for a simple acrylic dustwasher without etching?  We currently offer pre-made acrylic dustwashers in 31mm, with shaft cover, and without.
  • 31mm dustwashers are designed to fit Fightsticks with a 30mm diameter hole.  This is found in most commercial joysticks. Custom Fightsticks may not have the same dimensions.  If you own a custom Fightstick, please check the diameter of the joystick hole using a caliper before placing your order.

Sample Photo: Eurostick Install

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