Is there an octagonal gate for the Hayabusa?

"Is there an octagonal gate for the Hori Hayabusa?"  

A common question, currently there is no octagonal restrictor gate/plate for this joystick.  However, unofficial modifications do exist.  These mods remove the official square plate and instead inserts a Sanwa GT-Y octagonal gate or GT-8F square gate with a GT-Y insert.

According to a SRK forum post, member teleute managed to install the GT-8F with GT-O insert onto a Hayabusa by drilling holes into the plate at specific areas. Please see the photo below:


SRK member therobin sized the drilled screw hole at 1/8".  You can purchase pan-head screws easily at any hardware store.  The screws' lengths would require a few more millimeters in size than the existing screws that came with the Hayabusa, to properly attach the modified plate to the joystick.

You can find details here:

Also worth checking out:

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