Bat top installation for Qanba Q1 fight stick

I purchased this bat top for my Qanba Q1. It was pretty easy to install. All you need is a phillip and flat head screw driver. With the phillip screw driver remove the case screws. Dont have to pull them out of the case. Just turn till they come loose and you can lift the back half off. Then with the flat head just instert into the stick so you can un screw the ball top. You will need to remove the stick cover. The bat top brings a screw that you screw into where the ball top was. After you screw it in. You take the bat top and screw it in while with the flat head you hold the stick from turning so it can be tightened.  You then sit the back half of the case back into its place and with the phillips go ahead and tighten the screws. Enjoy your Bat top =)

My stick consist of the following. 

1.JLF-TP-8YT from Sanwa.

2. Hori kuri buttons x 6

3. 2 Sanwa 30mm buttons - white.

4. 2lb pressure spring.

5. Octagonal Gate

6. KOWAL™ 1mm Oversize Actuator 

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