Can you modify my plexi or artwork for 35mm Korean Joystick Levers?

Trying to accomodate requests for Korean levers requires that the customer properly drill a 35mm diameter opening in their metal panel.  This leads to potential inconsistencies if we produce a panel with this addition, should the customer get the size wrong or position is off.  

As a result, while we may allow for some requests to create 35mm joystick holes for commercial joysticks that use a Japanese mount, we cannot guarantee to match perfectly with your drilled fightstick hole.  We will cut exactly 35mm from the center point of the original Japanese joystick hole on the plexi.  It is your responsibility to match this when you are drilling into the metal.

If you are looking to use with a Korean lever with collar properties that can fit within Japanese lever mounts, we highly recommend the Crown CWL-309MJ-KMS-ST35 Joystick, which offers a low-profile collar.

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