I left a review about a product that I think has a technical defect, but it wasn't immediately posted to the site. What gives?

We're always glad to receive feedback about a product sold at Focusattack.com.

When someone leaves a negative review for a product, especially citing an unusual fault that isn't consistent with other reviews, we ask for an opportunity to address it with our support team.  

We encourage customers to contact us (via support@focusattack.com) if there are any unexpected issues with hardware rather than leaving a negative review, as it allows us to investigate and resolve, hopefully offering a better experience.

Reviews are useful for those who are inquiring on the overall quality of the product, but occasionally such products, especially electronics, can have a technical defect. It is also possible that the product has an install issue that causes it to function unexpectedly. It is worthwhile to inquire about troubleshooting the product, and allow us to determine that it needs replacement or refund.

You can learn more about our defect replacement policy.

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