Brook product 8 min timeout after PS4 5.50 FW Update

Q: My Brook product no longer functions beyond an 8 minute window after the recent PS4 5.50 FW update. Is there firmware that will fix this?

A: Yes - there are new firmware updates out now that will solve this issue. Please note that the links below point to a dropbox repository, as currently, Brook website is experiencing heavy loads during this time. Under normal circumstances will always find the latest updates to firmware on Brook's website.

XBOX 360/XBOX One to PS4 Converter (Steering Wheel) PC MAC
XBOX 360/XBOX One to PS4 Converter PC MAC 
PS3 to PS4 Converter (Steering Wheel) PC   
PS3 to PS4 Converter  PC MAC
XBOX One to PS4 Converter PC  MAC 
XBOX 360 to PS4 Converter  PC MAC
Brook Mars Pad PC   
PS3/PS4 to PS3/PS4 Converter PC   
Brook PS4+ Audio PC   
Brook PS3/PS4 Fighting Board  PC MAC 
Brook Universal Fighting Board  PC MAC 
Brook Sniper  PC MAC 
PS2 to PS3/PS4 Converter (Tournament)  PC MAC 
 PS2 to PS3/PS4 Converter  PC  


After performing firmware updates, you MUST remember to exit updating on PS4 Converters by entering the combo keys (three steps) again to exit updating mode. 

  1. Press two keys
  2. Press down Left or L3. Don't release
  3. Press down Home/PS key
  4. Release all keys

Below is a visual explaining the steps and buttons on PS3 and Xbox 360 gamepads.  This information is also in the manual, and screens that appear after the firmware is updated.


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