Why is there a quantity limit on buttons or other products from your website?

As an arcade products retailer, our goal is to supply enough parts to arcade and fighting game enthusiasts. Often, however, we find that foreign resellers and large project builders who intend to sell their finished products will purchase significant quantities of a single product or product color. Often these are our core products such as joysticks,  pushbuttons, control PCBs and converters. For example, one may attempt to buy 50 or 100 pieces of Sanwa's Black OBSF-30 button.  This is well outside the scope of what most customers purchase on average.

We cannot anticipate when a specific product is ordered in bulk by a single person, and must rely on sales averages to purchase stock. When resellers and project builders buy in volume, this drains our inventory much faster than it should. Individual customers then cannot find that product when they need it.  To address this, we set reasonable limits on those core products.  

Discounted Volume Purchases

We understand that resellers, professional Fightstick designers, and large project builders see us as an accessible source for products that they need.  While FA is not a wholesale parts distributor, we can facilitate a larger purchase, often with volume discounts in exchange for the wait time as we work with our suppliers. 

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