Vintage: Our Out-of-Print Comic Return Policy

Out of Print. Important Notice
Important: Please note that out of print content is considered "new old stock". As such, some may have slight imperfections due to long-term storage. We will NOT replace or refund comics, softcovers, hardcovers or other materials under these circumstances.

Udon Entertainment appreciates the comic book enthusiast from all walks of life, from the hardcore collector to the casual reader.

Books that are marked with the "Vintage" logo are publications that will not see a reprint in its current form, and thus considered "new old stock".  To that end, older books may be stored for long periods, under which some may have slight imperfections around the corners or binding.

In the past, some customers - especially hardcore collectors - have reported these imperfections, asking for a replacement or full refund.  The disclaimer is to inform you that we cannot perform refunds under these conditions, nor replace the book.

Here are two examples of slight imperfections that were reported. Again, we will not replace vintage comics that fall under these circumstances:

Example 1

Example 1

Example 2

Example 2

We recognize the desire for incredible quality in comics as a collector. If you are looking for perfect, mint-quality publications, you may need to search eBay for an officially graded copy.  The publications we sell are priced at the original retail or lower.  Limited Edition comics are priced as they were at launch. 

Packed for Protection

Over the years, we have stored most of the comics in dark, climate controlled environments to restrict wear.

When ordered, Udon comic books are placed within a protective plastic bag and reinforced with a similar sized comic book board. The item will often ship in a rigid, heavy cardboard stayflat mailer. If Limited Edition, or packed with a LE comic, it will ship in a specialized comic flash mailer to ensure maximum protection.

Damage from Postal Transport

We recognize that extreme damage can occur from the post office or other mail carrier, despite all preparations made to securely pack your publication.  On instances like this, please send a message - with clear photos of the packaging damage and damage to publication - to  Upon review, we will file a damage claim with the carrier, and provide either a replacement or refund.

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