What is "Always on Reserve" and Why Does it Apply Only to GamerFinger Products?

GamerFinger products will remain on reserve until further notice. What does that mean?

  • You can reserve any GamerFinger product, including caps, switches and optical PCB.
  • If we have your GamerFinger order contents in stock, we will ship it immediately.
  • If we are waiting for a GamerFinger restock shipment, we will ship your order as soon as it arrives.
  • If we are waiting for a GamerFinger restock shipment, non-GamerFinger items in the order will not ship until the GamerFinger restock shipment arrives.
  • You can cancel your reserve at any time.

Note that any reserve cancellation for an order that contains other products in stock, will also cancel those items. We will not adjust the order to ship those items.

Why does it apply specifically to GamerFinger products?

  • GamerFinger is a popular item that - as of this writing - is very hard to find. Most customers know of focusattack.com as a US reseller for this product.
  • At the moment, restocks of GamerFinger products is difficult to assess, due to inconsistency in shipping times by the company. Some can take just a week to ship, others can take many weeks even if the product is in stock at their warehouse. While we can usually accomodate other vendors, the inconsistency makes GamerFinger unique as a supplier.
  • We will continue to work with GamerFinger to improve their turnaround time for restock shipments. We are working to purchase enough additional stock to meet the high demand, and work around the inconsistencies.

If I ask, will you let me know what is in stock now? 

Part of the reason why we do this is to avoid this question.  Answering this question poses two issues: first, it strains the stock available as customers tend to purchase the model GamerFinger that was mentioned in stock.  Second we would have to answer this question multiple times a day. The Always on Reserve model allows you to purchase the items, with staff shipping the products in stock if available.  You can easily cancel your order should you choose not to wait by sending a message to orders@focusattack.com, and mentioning your order ID.

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