What is "FA.Backorder"?



FA.BO allows you to reserve products that are currently backordered - awaiting restock at FA.

  • FA.BO is available for select products such as joystick levers, PCBs, and pushbuttons. 
  • Receive a special discount up to 10% off retail for select items (certain restrictions apply).
  • Once all items in your order are delivered to our warehouse, we will pack and ship your order. 
  • You can cancel your order with reserve items at any time.



What are the benefits of FA.BO?

  • Customers looking to secure nearly all items in a single order can reserve them.
  • A reserved item is yours when ready to ship.
  • As thanks for your patience, you can receive special discounts on backordered items up to 10% off. (Restrictions do apply - please see below) 
  • Maximize FA.Rewards - our free purchase rewards app - by having all items you want recorded in a single order.  Note: Reward points are distributed once your order ships.
  • You can easily cancel your order should you choose not to wait by sending a message to orders@focusattack.com, and mentioning your order ID.
  • Helps us manage the high demand for certain products that cost a lot to import from overseas.

How do I know which products are currently under FA.BO?

When a product is under FA.BO Reserve, you will see this message or a similar one either directly under the "add to cart" button, or directly above product options. It will look like the image below: 


I can't see whether a product that is purchased as a bundled is backordered. What gives?

Items that are purchased individually will show a backorder message in cart, checkout and confirmation email.

At the moment, the system does not offer a clear notification that a product is backordered when purchased as part of a bundle. Please see the screen below:


In this instance, the in stock item - the CWL-KMS-ST35 joystick - also contains an extra crown silicone grommet. This item is backordered and will have a discounted price from retail.  Visiting the grommet listing will also reveal that it is backordered. 

If you placed an order and still have questions about whether a bundle item is backordered, please feel free to contact our staff at orders@focusattack.com, or use the contact form on this website.


What is the average wait time for FA.BO items?

The average wait time is 20 days or less.  There may be some exceptions, and affected products will display the estimated date for restock. Please note that estimated times are subject to change, depending on unforeseen delays by the manufacturer.

I have a FA.BO order, but saw a product is back in stock.  What's going on?

When a product is restocked, our staff will begin processing FA.BO orders first.  Products that are now marked as back in stock represent non-reserved inventory -- extra units remaining after reserved orders are accounted for.

When your order is packed and shipped, you will receive a shipping notice by email.

What happens if some of my FA.BO order is restocked, but other items are not?

If your order has multiple items under FA.BO with different restock dates, those items we currently have in stock are set aside for you until everything is restocked.

Orders will ship once all FA.BO items in that order are restocked.  We cannot ship them separately.

Why does this apply to select products at FA?

  • FA specializes in import products from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Spain and other countries.
  • Often, high demand can outsell those imported products before we can schedule a restock.
  • Manufacturers and distributors abroad may have inconsistent schedules that prevent steady restock.

I see some FA.BO items cannot be purchased at all.  What happened?

We set a threshold of inventory for select FA.BO items due to their scarcity, or so upon receiving a restock shipment, there is some inventory remaining for regular purchase..  If demand exceeds that threshold, the product is no longer available for purchase until it is restocked.

What backordered products do not receive a special discount?

Here is the current list of restricted brands or products not eligible for FA.BO discount:

I didn't realize my order was FA.BO.  Who do I contact to cancel or change my order?

You can contact orders@focusattack.com. Please include your order ID in the email. Please note that FA.Rewards are not added to your account until the order is shipped, and therefore not available when canceled. 

I placed an order for an item that was not FA.BO, see it is now FA.BO on my order.  Why? 

Occasionally, you may see a similar message after placing an order for an in-stock item - an item that was not designated as FA.BO.



If it has sold out after you placed your order, your order history may show it as FA.BO. Rest assured, this is just the current status of the item on our website and doesn't mean your item will be delayed.

When you place an order for an in-stock item, that item is also reserved specifically for you.  If all of your items were in stock at the time you placed your order, your order will process and ship within 1-2 business days, or within 7-10 business days if your order contains a custom item.

Please note that if another item was designated FA.BO when you placed your order, then your order will ship when that FA.BO item is restocked. 


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