I ordered between December 23 and 27, 2019. The order status still says "Awaiting Fulfillment". What gives?

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Update 1/5/2020:

Now that FA returns to a full, non-holiday business week, staff is working to ship the remaining non-custom orders from 2019 on Monday and begin shipping 2020 orders on Tuesday.  I thank you for your patience as we work to fulfill all outstanding orders.

There are three days in December in which staff is unavailable: Christmas Eve , Christmas Day , and New Years Day. Staff in the meantime try to keep up with orders that stream in during the holidays, and until this week were able to ship most non-custom orders within 1-2 business days. Those two days, specifically because they occurred right in the middle of the business week, create a backlog that can take additional time to sort. Also important to note is that both Eve and Xmas days saw pretty high order counts - always appreciated but indeed require catching up from the holiday.

Staff returned to work Thursday 12/26 and continued to try catching up with orders from 12/23, 12/24 and 12/25 on Friday. However because staff is unavailable weekends, I anticipate the backlog to require between 2-3 days processing time as they return Monday to catch up with orders from last week and the weekend.

New Year's Day serves as an additional bottleneck partly because post office doesn't pick up that day and staff is unavailable. I can say that FA will do its best to catch up with all orders during this period. Should you have any questions about your individual order, please feel free to reach out to orders@focusattack.com and John will gladly try to answer them.

Custom Orders

(Updated December 30, 2019)

After closing in on over 900 individual custom jobs for the month of December - a number certainly boosted by the Cyber Monday sale, we are taking a short pause in new orders to catch up with the last 10 days of orders placed.  All current personalization orders will continue to process, print, and ship. You can keep track of your custom order's progress by visiting the Custom Job Tracker.  We will also continue to take corrections and changes during this time.  

We will re-open custom orders on Monday, January 13.  I explain in further detail here:

Why Can't I Order Custom Artwork and Plexi for My FightStick Anymore? Pleworks Temporary Pause Until January 13, 2020

Address Changes

Understandably, some may have decided to order while vacationing at home from college or work, expecting the shipment to arrive not long after ordering.  If your order has not shipped yet, and you need to change the address, please contact orders@focusattack.com and we'll work to adjust it at no additional costs.

Again I very much appreciate the support from Fightstick players and builders over the past few weeks. I hope this may serve as an update to where things are and how FA is working to address delays. As always, a message to orders@focusattack.com will be answered within 24 business hours (M-F 9am 5pm EST). 

Thanks again!

FA Owner Jaleel Beck
Jaleel Beck
Final Boss,
Focus Attack LLC
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