Why Can't I Order Custom Artwork and Plexi for My FightStick Anymore? Pleworks Temporary Pause Until January 13, 2020

Two weeks ago I posted a notice on Reddit stating that FA's custom Fightstick artwork and plexi services were experiencing longer than average processing time due to the significant number of requests that came in during our Cyber Monday sale - about 15 days worth of orders in a single day. That was extending request turnaround to about 10-12 days.

In light of some recent developments, I have to temporarily halt new custom orders for about 1-2 weeks to allow us to catch up on existing ones. Plexworks services will re-open Monday, January 13.

What does this mean? The "Customize" category will be empty, save "Custom Job Tracker" and a summarized announcement similar to this one. No new orders will be taken, but internally, we continue to process, print and ship existing orders.

Max Capacity

As of this writing there were about 962 custom orders made from December 1 until now. Our designer Jason is at 642 of that amount and continuing to work through the queue. I'm also helping to process artwork. Each day after the Cyber Monday sale, we saw about 20-30 custom orders come in, and even more on weekends.

Pausing new orders for 1-2 weeks could allow him to finally catch up and return to a relatively normal turnaround time.

I really dislike having to temporarily halt custom orders as I don't want to hinder anyone's desires to personalize their Fightstick. Thankfully this is a temporary measure. The incredibly high demand that started after Cyber Monday hasn't ceased since, and this new wrinkle could push new orders back even further, so a two week pause may allow us to improve the customer experience when re-opening.

I want to make clear that while no new orders will be taken during that time, all existing orders will continue processing, including custom plexi, dustwashers, keychains, etc. This isn't a pause on operations.

Again a huge thanks for your support. Printers - especially the one I have now are really, really expensive. Otherwise I'd buy two to help with the demand. I'm glad that folks really like the quality of the output, which is unique for the machine itself. I appreciate the patience many have shown so far, but I don't want to push my luck here. I look forward to serving you again soon.

FA Owner Jaleel Beck
Jaleel Beck
Final Boss,
Focus Attack LLC
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