My package is stuck in transit or marked "Delivered" but missing. How long can I wait before filing a claim with Route?

Route is a 3rd Party shipping insurance solution that we offer at checkout.  For just 95 cents you can insure your order against potential theft, loss, or damage. 

Package delivery delays can happen at any time, due to breakdowns in carrier transit, mishandling of shipments that are corrected later, or internationally, packages held customs. If you purchased insurance through Route, the company does have a finite time frame for accepting a claim. After that period, they will deny a claim.

Orders Marked as "Delivered" but Not Received

A claim must be filed 5 days from the delivery date and no later than 15 days from that same date.

For example, if a package was marked as delivered on May 5, you cannot file before May 10th and you must file between May 10th and May 25th to qualify. 

Orders Stuck in Transit or Presumed Lost

Domestic USA and Canada shipments: A claim must be filed 7 days from the last tracking status update you received, and within 30 days from the last scan.  

Example: USPS  or FedEx tracking hasn't changed in four days since your last update on May 5 - you cannot file a claim until May 12, and then have until June 12 to file that claim.

International shipments: A claim must be filed 20 days after the last tracking checkpoint and within 30 days .

Example: USPS  or FedEx international tracking hasn't changed in 10 days since your last update on May 5 - you cannot file until May 25, and then have until June 25 to file that claim.

It is highly recommended that you do NOT wait until the last day to file your claim.

Other Scenarios, Such as Loss or Theft

Please visit Route's support portal for their policy regarding packages that are lost, stolen, or damaged, and overall general policies.

Route Insurance is not affiliated with

While we offer the opportunity to purchase the shipping insurance service on our website, we are not associated with Route.  If you are having issues and feel you need to file a claim after you paid for Route insurance, please do NOT contact us.  We cannot help you.  Instead, please follow the instructions you received upon signing into Route to file a claim.  We provide information on that as well on this article: I purchased Route shipping insurance and have a claim. Who do I contact about it?

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