Will you print questionable and offensive content if I include it on my Fightstick artwork?

Over the years, we have received some artworks that attempt to push the limits of what would be considered acceptable.  Some of it is merely questionable.  Others depict artistic nudity, and others may attempt to display "hentai", "eroge" or "ahegao". 

We ask customers to consider that their custom Fightsticks - when displayed publicly - can say a lot about them and their interests to another person.  Depending on what is printed, this can be offensive to certain groups. If you are asking us about whether we would print it, it's best that you reconsider the content you want to print.

We will certainly not print artwork that depicts extreme morally objectionable content such as:

  • Pedophilia (we will report you to the police)
  • Underage sex
  • Beastiality
  • Extreme sex or rape
  • Overtly racist or hateful content (swastikas, known highly offensive language and symbols).

We reserve the right to reject custom orders that violate this policy. 

This article will be left open for comments specifically to address questions some may ask about content suitable for printing.

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