Why does my order tracking show "label created" or "pre-shipment" for several days?

An issue that has been exposed clearly during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic is shipping carrier's responsibility to properly scan a package.  We're dependent on the carrier doing their part, knowing full well that without that scan, you the customer believe that FA still has the package sitting in our warehouse.

I want to make clear that FA is doing its part to ship these orders, even if tracking does not appear to indicate that FA has actually shipped it.

For domestic customers: If you receive any tracking information from Focusattack.com, this means that your shipment was physically packed and issued to a post officer as part of a daily scheduled pickup.

For international customers: Shipments are picked up and sent to a central hub for sorting 2x-3x a business week (Monday-Friday).  It usually takes 24 hours for the shipment to arrive to the central hub.  Processing time for sorting will vary, but may sometimes require 2-3 business days.

What is Happening, Then?

Since May 2020, domestic USA customers have reported either delays in receiving shipments or that tracking has not updated past the "Shipment Received: Package Acceptance Pending: status.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, USPS has reduced their scanning frequency, or is delaying their sorting and delivery times.

What Will You Do About It?

As you can see, we're dependent on the carrier to scan your shipment once it leaves the warehouse.  We're limited in what can be done, and for now, ask that you allow at least 3-5 more business days to allow the US Postal Service to scan the shipment and continue transport.

What about my Route Shipping Insurance?

If you purchased Route - our 3rd party shipping insurance - you are protected against shipping damage, lost or stolen, and in some cases, very long shipping delays that may indicate that the shipment was lost in transit.

Route will require - however - tracking that shows the shipment has cleared past its label-created or "pre-shipment" status.  This is why we ask for some additional patience in allowing the carrier to scan the shipment as the COVID-19 pandemic continues in the United States.


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