What is Route Shipping Insurance?


Route shipping insurance is a low-cost 3rd Party shipping protection service. We now offer this service at checkout, which you can purchase for just 98 cents (USD). 

I bought Route Insurance at Checkout and clicked on the link in my order page, but ended up here.  Why?

When you purchase Route Shipping Insurance at checkout, our store creates a line item in your order for Route. Clicking that link produces the URL https://focusattack.com/routeins/. Because this is not a physical product, there is no actual product page. To address this, we redirect customers to this page. 

Please note that you will receive your first correspondence from Route by email.  This includes all the information you need to understand how Route works, how to install the app on your phone, how you are covered, and if you are a domestic customer, another way to track your shipping progress.

Okay, but I have Route but now I have a problem with my shipment.  Do I contact you first?

If you have a missing shipment or damage claim and purchased Route Insurance, please do not contact us.  Instead, please visit:


More information about claims can be found here:

I purchased Route shipping insurance and have a claim. Who do I contact about it?

You can also drop by our FAQ for all sorts of answers to common (and not so common) questions regarding orders, shipping, insurance, and more.


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