Q&A: Fightsticks Not Connecting to PC

Q. Hi, I purchased a Qanba Obsidian. I tested it out on PS4 and it functioned properly. No timing out or weird inputs.

I then hooked it into the front of my PC and none of the games I tested would pick it up. (USF4, SF5, KOF98UM)

I then went to devices and printers to check and see what windows was picking the device up as. On PC setting it would show up as Qanba arcade stick but with a yellow triangle.
On ps3/ps4 setting it would show up as something like "14 button axis with headphones".

I eventually reinstalled the xinput drivers in attempt to fix the PC mode and it started showing up in device manager as a xbox controller but gave an error that said insufficient resources to run.
I have run Madcatz TES+, Hori RAP4 and Qanba q1 on my desktop and laptop without these issues.

I then tested it on the rear USB ports thinking that the Obsidian might need cleaner usb signal. That seemed to work for about 1 minute. The device would show up in manger without any errors and I was able to start a round of KOF98 but then the device stopped responding. This happened twice.

I hooked it into my roommates PC and had the same exact issues as I did on my PC and my laptop.


A. There are several fixes that might resolve this issue. SRK Tech pApArOaCh wrote a post found here. To review a few here are some excerpts from his article. Additionally, info can be found on Microsoft forums

Fix No. 1:

1) Right click “My Computer” and click “Manage”.
2) In computer management, Click “Device Manager”.
3) In devices, click the side arrow on “Universal Serial bus controllers” to drop down the list and uninstall the yellow exclamation mark i.e. “USB Device Descriptor Request Failed” or “USB Port Reset Failed”

Fix No. 2:

1) Right click My Computer and click Manage.
2) In computer management, Click “Device Manager”.
3) In devices, click the side arrow on “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” to drop down the list of USB Hubs.
4) Depending on computers, it might say “Generic USB hub” or “USB Root Hub”; you should have 4, 5 or maybe 8 of them listed. Right click starting from the last one, “Update driver software”.

5) Click “Browse My computer for driver software”.
6) Click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.
7) Re-select “USB Root Hub” and click next.
8) Click close.
9) Do this for each of the “USB Root hub”.

Watch video how to do above.

There are additional fixes but the second option was what fixed this player's issue.

Edit: http://forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/178583/manually-installing-driver-on-fightstick by SRK-Stomcannon1 is an additional article that covers additional steps. (thx Nateo Laboy for the find) 

Enjoy and please share any other fixes you may find.



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