Can you install screwbuttons into the Hori Real Arcade Pro v4 Kai?

A question was recently asked from a customer who used the Hori Real Arcade Pro V4 Kai Fightstick: Can screwbuttons work in it? My initial answer was 'no' as the hole spacing doesn't readily allow for the screwbutton rings to fit next to each other. However, the customer observed that some buttons will fit, and with physical alterations to the control panel, can manage more:

Looks like 7 out of the 9 buttons are fine, the L1 button and the Options button require further case modification. I used a Dremel tool to route out some of the case plastic so the screw-rings would fit those buttons, there were no issues between buttons though, which is what I was most worried about.

While I cannot easily recommend this approach, it is there for those who have access to these tools and are willing to tinker.

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