Mode switching with Zero Delay USB encoder PCB

Q: "I bought this item and installed it today on my Madcatz SE. I couldn't hook up the power/turbo since the connections are different in that stick but since I'm using legacy mode it wasn't a big deal to me.

However, when I tested it the directional inputs are not working. All the buttons are. What did I do wrong?"


A: (From SRK President Camacho) “since they're using legacy mode, they need to hit that mode button to toggle between d pad and LS. I know SFV won't register directions with whichever one the ZD goes to by default.

They can splice in easily two wires coming from start, 2 wires coming from select. Cut off the .110 connectors and strip back a bit, do the same with the SE wires. If they don't have wire nuts or a soldering iron, they you just twist and electrical tape the splice until wire nuts are acquired.

Just put mode on select

Adding a momentary pushbutton or tapping into the turbo panel is also an option, but I'd assume those are a bit more work than the average ZD customer is looking to do

I opted to add a button to my SE, I was always hitting stuff on the turbo panel by mistake”



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