TE2 and TE-S+ stuck input issue fix

Q: I find when I plug my Madcatz TE2, TE2+, TE-S+ into my PS4, that it keeps going a direction on its own.

Q: I find when I plug my Madcatz TE2, TE2+, TE-S+ into my PS4, that it has a button that doesn't work and when I plug it in a PC I see the button is stuck on.

Q: I find when I plug my Madcatz TE2, TE2+, TE-S+ into my PS4, that it causes the PS4 to stop working when I start a game or the controller doesn't work and when I plug it in a PC, I see there's a button on.


A: Madcatz, in the TE2 series for PS4, added tiny black diodes for each input. The purpose of these diodes was to prevent an electrical issue known as "debouncing". These diodes, in a small amount of units, are defective and are causing signals to stay active.


One example can be found in a recent TE-S+ I picked up off ebay as defective. After reviewing a forum thread on SRK. Thanks to SRK Tech Matt Gummo, I was able to figure out this issue. See pictures below:


Down was stuck active. I desoldered and removed D11 (the last black diode) on the left side.


After D11 was removed, the joystick resumed working as normal.


This technique also works on the daughterboard panel if you have the lock/unlock button, L3/R3 and mode as well. Trace the diodes to the the offending button or switch and remove the diode (D#). Avoid removing any other components such as the C's or R 's.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Modding!

-Joey W

Again, a big THANK YOU to Matt Gummo.

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    Troy Adachi

    I'm having a similar problem with the R2/LB button always being active on my Madcatz TES+. How do you locate which diode to remove?

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    Pete Contreras

    @Troy Did you ever figure out your issue? My TES+ is stuck in RS permanently.

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    Troy Adachi

    @Pete Its actually very simple as long as you are willing to open up your stick and solder the diode out. Theres a number/letter label where the cabels of each input connects to the board. Flip the board over and solder out the diode that matches. Dont be afraid to solder the wrong one. I soldered off 3 of them because the thing isnt labeled very well. think it should be the same for RS. If all else fails, youll need to replace the board with the Brook universal board, which youll want to do eventually anyway.

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    Kevin Souvanheuane

    Hi Joey and Troy,

    Is it safe to take out all the diodes out actually ? It seems like a more convenient option here as it seems that they will die eventually.

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    Frianeza Datu John Mark


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    Frianeza Datu John Mark

    hi, can i ask what diode number for the PS button? the PS button is stuck unless you lock it. maybe this will solve my problem

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    Jonathan Jung

    I have the same issue as Frianeza but with a TES+
    Anyone know which diode number is for the PS button?

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    Damien Merritt

    Hi I have a TE2+ that I bought less than a month ago new and its already having issues. The main issue being that sometimes up forward directions not being read and instead staying as a forward input. In terms of the game I want to jump forward or back and sometimes my character just keeps walking forward rather than jumping. Any suggestions?

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