Will the Threadings from Seimitsu buttons work on Sanwa screw-in buttons?

Occasionally, we receive the following question: "Will the threadings from Seimitsu PS-14 screw buttons work on Sanwa OBSN screw button?"  It's understandable; the clear, slightly thinner button ring from Seimitsu has a more appealing look compared to Sanwa's orange nut, and can fit into layout areas between buttons where space is a premium.


In fact, you indeed can thread the thinner, clear ring from the Seimitsu PS-14 series 30mm button onto the Sanwa OBSN 30mm.  Here is an example: 


Will this also work for 24mm OBSN pushbuttons?

Sadly, this is not possible.  Tests found that the clear ring used for the PS-14-DN series will screw into a point, but will not go further to justify its use.  You'll have to stick with the orange 24mm OBSN ring.

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