JLF Return To Neutral Issues

Q: "I ordered a Sanwa JLF a little while back and have a question. The stick seems to not be centering properly at least I think, instead if I move it slightly left it will stay there and not center. It also makes a weird banging plasticy noise when moving it slightly in any direction. Best way to describe it is that it doesn't completely center and if pushed in any direction slightly it will stay there. Wanted to know if you know what could be the cause of this and if theres any way to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Its advised to carefully remove the gate and tp-ma pcb as well as the e-clip actuator, spring, spring base, washer and pivot. Ensure all your parts are there and in alignment. On the top of the JLF base (large black molded main piece) it should be balltop, shaft cover, shaft dust washer and pivot. From the underside of the JLF base it should be washer, spring base plate (plastic circle with smaller cylinder extending from it), spring, actuator and e-clip


A: "I think I might know what the problem is but i'm not sure the washer i think its called the silver metal ring at the bottom is very loose where it will fall out. I remember moving the joystick around when it was in the case and the washer would move with it. Also didn't seem to be in perfect place. I think thats the issue if so what causes this so I can avoid it in the future and I also wouldn't mind buying another if it comes down to it."

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    David Diaz

    I just recently went through this same issue when purchasing a brand new JLF. When I received and mounted it into my case I was not only hearing a knocking sound, but feeling it as well. I was like dam, this isn't normal. I did some research and sure enough, once I took it apart, the metal washer was greased up excessively. So I removed most of the grease from that section and problem solved, so far.

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