Wiring commercial daughterboard to aftermarket PCB

From time to time people ask how can they connect their existing panel to their new PCB such Brook PS4= or UFB or IST kit. This article will be updated regularly to address how to make these two components work with each other.


Qanba Q4:

The Q4 has 2 harnesses that can be transferred over but may involve some soldering or splicing. The main thing to keep in mind is when you bring over the inputs (PS, select, start or others that may be remapped like L3 and R3 or Touchpad) you want to be sure that the signal wire you choose as well as the ground and VCC come with it to the new PCB Q4_Brook.jpg

Example above LED and Panel buttons Home, Select, Mode and Turbo soldered to Brook Fighting Board.


Other examples can be the Madcatz TE boards. The XBox 360 are the easiest to migrate while the PS3 versions require soldering. There are simpler solutions for replacing the home panel such as Gummods Home Panel Replacement and The_Real_Phoenix TE panel. (See http://forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/216395/madcatz-audio-board-for-brook-ps4-and-madcatz-front-panel-rev-2 and http://forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/213985/madcatz-home-panel-replacement-board-making-ufb-installs-ezpz for more info)


More info to come.

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