Adjusting the Seimitsu LS-32 Subguide


(Pictured: the Seimitsu LS-32-01 PCB Joystick, available here)

You've long since unboxed & installed your Seimitsu LS-32 lever and have no doubt logged a few dozen hours playing on it already. More than likely, you've been playing mostly fighting games. Surely you have noticed that not only is the LS-32 capable of 8-way operation, but 4 and 2 way as well. This is controlled by the LS-32 Subguide restrictor, and changing the lever's setting is a breeze thanks to the design:



The subguide restrictor is fastened to the bottom of the LS-32 with two phillips head screws. I have a couple LS-32 levers in my Namco candy cabinet that occasionally get adjusted for older classic JAMMA games, so I am documenting how to adjust them for the benefit of the reader.



  • Appropriate screwdrivers or allen keys to open your fightstick or arcade machine
  • A clear workspace
  • 10-15 minutes of your time


This tutorial assumes that you already know how to gain access to the inside of your fightstick or arcade machine control panel. Once you have opened it up, read on for further details.


In this picture you can see the inside of the Namco machine's control panel. The LS-32 in it is mounted like any other standard arcade stick. Be careful not to disconnect any wires while fiddling around with the lever. Focus your attention on the blue subguide restrictor.


There are two phillips head screws that keep the restrictor fastened to the LS-32 lever. Remove them with your phillips screwdriver (remember, counter-clockwise to loosen, clockwise to tighten), being careful not to strip the head of either screw:



Once you have removed the screws, set them aside and take a look at the restrictor. It has two other settings it can be configured for - 4 way, which is the right-most hole, and 2-way, which is the left-most hole. Lift up on the restrictor to remove it from the alignment pegs.





 Once you have decided on your setting, seat the subguide restrictor onto the alignment pegs. Then re-insert the fastening screws and tighten them down. In my case I wanted to use the 4-way setting, so the pictures reflect that as such.



At this point you can close up your fightstick or arcade machine and continue to enjoy those old school classics the proper way. Should you need to change the setting again in the future, just follow this tutorial from the beginning. Happy gaming. :)


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