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Q: I am interested in buying 2 of the Brook Universal Fighting Boards for an arcade cabinet but have a question before I order. On Windows 10, is the board detected as a Xbox controller or a generic usb game pad? I have had nothing but trouble with generic pads but Xbox 360 controllers/Fightsticks work like a dream in all my PC Games. I would love to put these Brook units in my cabinet to be able to swap in a PS4/pc/Xbox as desired but only if Windows will detect it as an Xbox controller not a generic one. Thanks for your help!

A: The Brook Universal Fighting Board registers as an XBOX pad by default on Windows, though you can force it to boot in different variations. From the Brook website:

Manual selection:

The UFB supports manual selection of PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 mode and Wii U. It is suggested to be set to Xbox 360 mode on PC.

Manual Mode:

Step 1 : Press button:
       1P for PS3 
       2P for PS4
       3P for Xbox 360
       4P for Xbox One

       1K for Wii U - Pokken Tournament     

       2K for Original Xbox

Step 2 : While pressing, connect fightstick to system.

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