Would you need anything else besides a PS360+?


First asked in shoryuken.com forums by That Stone Dude, we realized that the question, "Would you need anything else besides a PS360+ and one of your new harnesses to make a custom stick?" was common enough to warrant a support article.  Let's look at some additional items you might want to purchase with your PS360+:  

The PS360+ has both a USB and RJ45 port.  The USB port allows you to connect to Xbox360 and PS3 consoles.  However if you want to use all of the currently available consoles (Xbox1, Dreamcast, PSX, PS2) and more that are coming, then you'll want to use the RJ45 port.  

To use the PS360+'s RJ45 port and interface with older consoles than PS3 and Xbox360, you'll want to pick up some additional items:

http://www.focusattack.com/neutrik-ne8fdp-rj45-feed-through-black/ (also available in silver)


And this:



The smaller cable connects from the PS360+ to the Neutrik RJ45 feed through. The feed through sends the signal from the PS360 to the attached cable, such as USB, PS2/PSX, or Dreamcast

You'll need this to connect to the Xbox360 or PS3.


13 Foot Black USB to RJ45 Cable

If you want PS2 or PSX, you'll want to get this cable. http://www.focusattack.com/13-foot-black-psx-ps2-to-rj45-cable/


If you want Sega Dreamcast, get this cable: http://www.focusattack.com/13-foot-black-dreamcast-to-rj45-cable/


For other consoles like the Xbox 1 (original xbox), you'll need to get a specific cable built. Usually you can find a modder on SRK's Tech Talk that could do it. The PS360+ has the same pinout configuration as Toodles MC Cthulhu, which most are familiar with.


If you're handy with cables, you can try the Indespensible RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2 guide.  This is a very helpful guide to wiring legacy cables and RJ-45 connections to the MC Cthulhu. Includes pinout information for legacy cables.

Finally, you might like this:

http://www.focusattack.com/neutrik-ne8mc-rj45-data-connector-matte-black/ (also available in Nickel)


The NE8MC protects your RJ45 cable by locking it to the port of the Neutrik RJ45 feed-through connector.  It also looks pretty neat.  To unlock, you simply push the "push" button on the connector.  

This comes unassembled so that you can insert your RJ45 cable into it.  Note that you'll probably have to cut the top part of the cable to properly fit in the NE8MC connector, but the pieces that come with the NE8MC replaces the parts that are removed.


If you choose to use PS360+ ONLY for Xbox 360 or PS3/PC, then you'll want these items:

http://www.focusattack.com/neutrik-nausb-wb-ab-usb-feed-through-black/ (also available in Silver)


and this http://www.focusattack.com/18-inch-male-a-b-usb-2-0-cable/


and finally this: http://www.focusattack.com/15-foot-male-a-b-usb-2-0-cable/



Male & Female USB A & B Ports: Connecting PS360+'s USB port to Neutrik and to console

For someone not familiar with these ports, things can become a bit confusing

The PS360+ uses the USB "Female B" connector port.  The "B" connector is the square-like connector on your USB cable, versus the horizontally flatter "A" connector.  "Male" and "Female" aptly refers to the port's "gender".  The female connector port accepts the male connector.

Here's how you connect the USB cables together, using the (A) and (B) male or female connectors on each end.  We'll start from PS360 to the console.

  1. PS360+ (Female B) << 17" USB (Male B)
  2. 17" USB (Male A) >> Neutrik USB connector ( Female A)
  3. Neutrik USB connector (Female B) >> 13' USB (Male B)
  4. 13' USB (Male A) >> Console Port (Female A)

By default, the Neutrik USB connector has its ports reversed.  The front is Female A, and back is Female B.  However, you can switch the port order by unscrewing the Neutrik connector from the back using a small Phillips screwdriver.

IMG_0335.jpg  IMG_0337.jpg

Reinsert the connector into the screw holes, making sure that the Female "A" port is in back, and Female "B" is front. 


Hope this helps!

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