Which wires in the 5-pin joystick harnesses are for which direction, ground on Seimitsu LS and Sanwa JLF joysticks

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Hi! Can you tell me which color wires are for which direction on both a seimitsu LS 58 and a JLF, please? I got both joysticks and wiring harnesses from your site. Is there a trick to knowing? This seems like the kind of information that should come in the packaging. Thanks for the help! This is my first joystick project!

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    Hi Milliard,

    Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately neither Sanwa or Seimitsu offer such wiring guides with packaging, and while we don't receive a question about such wiring that often, there is a helpful guide that was created by SRK member rtdzign. It shows the wiring colors and their pin attachments for both Sanwa and Seimitsu. The 5-pin harnesses from both Sanwa and Seimitsu are basically interchangeable, just that the ground wire is reversed in the Seimitsu-style harness. The attached guide should help.


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