FAQ - Can a HRAP for the 360 be dual modded?


I just picked up a really cool looking HRAP for my 360 and I'd like to work with my other consoles? Can this be dual modded?



NO. The 360 versions of the HRAP DON'T HAVE COMMON GROUND.

For some reason, all of Hori's RAP line is common ground EXCEPT for the 360 versions! Dual modding one of these sticks will require a complete Gut - and - Replace of the internals, meaning the control PCB will need to be removed and a common ground PCB (such as a Madcatz fightpad) will need to be added in its place, then dual modded. It is possible to wire the stock PCB that has the guide button on it to the 360 pad, you can even wire the guide button LEDs to the stock pcb with very little effort! 

Soldering skill level (1-10)


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