Which Fightsticks are compatible with PhreakMods Cerberus?

Phreakmods Cerberus both an easy and economical way to add PS3 and PC compatibility to a modern MadCatz TE-S style Fightstick.  Though already mentioned in the product description, we can occasionally receive questions about which Fightsticks are compatible with the fully assembled Cerberus, and the difference between assembled and no connector (advanced) versions.

Assembled Version

Phreakmods Cerberus PS3/PC Joystick PCB (Assembled)The assembled version - pictured at right - is compatible with the following MadCatz TE Fightsticks:

It is NOT compatible with TE Fightsticks that share the design and construction of Round 1 or Round 2.  This would include

Why aren't the above joysticks not compatible?  MadCatz changed the PCB motherboard construction upon launching the TE-S style fightstick, the assembled Cerberus is constructed to work on the newer PCB.


No Connector (Advanced) Version

Phreakmods Cerberus No Connector Version (Advanced)The no connector version is considered the "advanced" PCB because it requires soldering and knowledge of the connections that are made between PCB and motherboards.  However, this version is compatible with all versions of the TE, including the Round 1 and Round 2 constructions.  Its main board is also centered to the middle of the PCB, which allows you to cut the board and place into smaller spaces, such as a gamepad.  

More, the advanced PCB is no longer exclusive to the MadCatz TE family.  You can install in all sorts of Xbox 360 Fightsticks from different manufacturers, such as  Razer® Atrox joystick, Hori HRAP: VX, Hori Fighting Stick VX, and more.


Cerberus Features

If you haven't visited the product page yet, check out some of the great features that Cerberus provides:


  • PC/PS3™ Functionality
  • Player indications for PS3™ (Player numbers will appear on the guide ring of your arcade stick after a standard instllation)
  • LS/RS control by switching the control panel of the arcade stick
  • Auto-detection on supported systems
  • Forced passthrough mode for Xbox360 mode. Hold 1P (x) while plugging into allow this.
  • Updatability through a USB bootloader for any firmware upgrades/bug fixes in the future. Hold START while plugging into your PC to access this mode.
  • Solderable points for Ground and VCC for usage with other modifications such as LEDs and optical joysticks.
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    Are the advanced and/or assembled versions compatible with the older SE Fightstick models?

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    Assembled version is not compatible with SE.  Advanced may be compatible but would require some equally advanced mapping of controls.  Donovan Myers shows how to use the partial connector (advanced) version in this video: 

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