Selecting between LS/DP/RS PS360+ and commercial fightsticks


I recently downloaded Guilty Gear X2 for Steam and quickly found my joystick was non responsive but my buttons worked. This was perplexing... for just a minute. On Madcatz they have directional settings (LS/DP/RS) and with Qanba, they have a mode setting MODE button can work for XBOX360/PS3/PC Mode Button:D-pad to LS(left joystick),Default is D-Pad,press Mode button once,Mode led light,it will be LS(joystick). when Mode led light,press Mode button once,Mode Led off,LS to D-Pad. But with PS360+, it's a little more than that. When plugging in the usb cable, if you mash SELECT and 2P together now you can choose LS/DP/RS by moving the joystick:Left = LS, Up = DP, Right = RS. Press START to exit Configuration Mode. I recommend unplugging and re-plugging after setting. If you have a PC, doing this in joy.cpl is the easiest way to toggle.   

Please let me know if there are other methods you have found to toggle for PS360+ or other sticks.


Happy Modding,

-Joey W (jpenguin77)



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