GamerFinger Optical Joystick PCB For Sanwa JLF Joystick (deadzone(s) aren't equal?)


I have recently received and installed the G.F. Optical Joystick PCB into a brand new bone stock Razer Atrox (Xbox One) purchased from Fry's Electronics.

I followed a handful of PCB schematics of the Atrox beforehand to identify proper VCC points to solder the +5v (red wire) to and is now reading between 5.8v-6.1v (via mulitmeter) at the G.F. Optical PCB pins, while plugged into the Xbox One USB port.

I have also soldered the ground and the directional wires to the included 5-pin harness adapter which then plugs directly into the Atrox harness (JLF connector) and all directions register properly.

I have applied the included round adhesive backing foam insert, G.F. Optical PCB and then the JLF Octagonal Restrictor Gate (the one with yellow center). I am using the JLF 2lb. spring without the included brass spacer that goes on after the actuator but prior to the e-clip. Reason is that the combination of the 2lb. spring and brass spacer produces too much compression on the spring which in-turn seizes the lever to pivot at all. It feels normal without the brass spacer but still stiff, and more stiff than the stock 1lb. JLF spring (existing).


Anyway, sorry for the long read but am just trying to be as clear and descriptive as possible.

The Issue: I feel that the deadzone is larger (delayed activation) when pivoting the lever to the right hand side direction than it is pivoting to the left hand side. Or perhaps, the left hand side deadzone is too small (depending on how you think about that). However, Up and Down directional deadzones feel about equal to one another and they feel more in-sync with left hand side directional input. Right hand side directional throw definitely feels a bit longer in order to activate the input.

Equipped: Standard JLF joystick, balltop, 2lb. spring, stock actuator (not Kowal), not using brass spacer, no other aftermarket PCB's being used

Q:) Have you guys over at F.A. ever encountered an issue as similar as mine? If so, is there a known fix?

Q:) If we cannot find a technical solution to my problem - would I be able to get a replacement/exchange for the same item? (all I would want exchanged is the G.F. Optical PCB, as I have already soldered the included harness wires to the 5-pin connector adapter)


Please get back to me as soon as possible!

Much appreciated and I really like your website and product selection - Great stuff.

-J.T. :)


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