Can PS360+ control MAME PC, connected consoles?

Customer Trent R. decided to try an approach that was not documented before: To connect multiple PS360+ multi-console PCBs and control a MAME PC, PS3 console, and gaming PC.  Here are notes from his findings:


Connecting consoles and MAME PC

Hi there , just to let you know how I went.

Just to let you know that I connected 2 * PS360+ to a USB hub and then connected the hub to a USB switch which is then connected to my MAME PC, a PS3 and a gaming PC.

The setup works perfectly and it actually retains the order of joysticks (ie. no. 1,2,3 & 4) - as I assume the USB hub powers them on in the same sequential order each time. Therefore I have actually been able to remove my iPac4 as the game input mapping in MAME is retained correctly for each joystick/buttons.

I was surprised that the above worked as there seemed to be limited/no examples I could find on the internet/forums where 4 * ps360+ was used for a 4 player MAME setup to provide for an all-in-one PC/consoles arcade cabinet or fight/arcade stick!

Do you know why people would choose the iPac or another PCB over the PS360+? I know it's more expensive but it provides support for many more consoles.

The PCB is amazing piece of technology !

Analog control for PS3 games that require it

Hi Jaleel, I was doing a little bit of research this morning and started to
re-read the PS360+ Software Manual - long story short, I think I found the
answer and it looks like it does support both digital and analogue
controller sticks.

I have copied an excerpt from the Manual below, and as you can see, you can
enter Configuration Mode and choose between either LS, DP or RS - in other
words, Left Stick, Directional Pad or Right Stick !

The more I learn about the PS360+ the more I am amazed by it.



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