PS4 and Xbox One Compatibility

In the current environment, there are a few ways to go next gen but they come at either a hefty price or some intermediate technical knowledge here are the main ways:


1. Buy a new stick
    a. Pro- The new stick will guarantee compatibility for a specific console and will have what you need to play
    b. Con- Most new sticks for next gen start between $180 to $400 or even more just out of the box without modding
2. PS360+
    a. Pro- Offers legacy and current gen and partial PS4 compatibility
    b. Con- By partial, I mean having to refresh the connection within 8 minutes or it loses its connection to the console
    c. Akishop states a hardware add on is in the works but no release date has been announced
3. Padhacking
    a. Pro- allows the current stick to be upgraded to function on a next gen console and can link multiple pads to have mutli-console adaptability. In some case         you can select the specific pad by autodetection or a button press on login. Some modders even use switches.
    b. Con- The process requires knowledge of soldering and volt meter to find the points (SRK and other sites have these pads soldering points published). Also, the pad MUST BE COMMON GROUND (meaning you only need one ground connection) also you may require use of diodes and inverters to make the button signals digital.
4. Adapters
    a. Pro – Allow the use of your choice peripheral regardless of console
    b. Con – Some tournaments do not allow use of these tools as they can store macros and in some rare cases, cause damage to consoles

What to do?

If buying a new stick, make sure you are going to reliable reputable retailers. Its buy-at-your-own-risk anywhere else unless you have the product in your hand and you can test it meets your desired need.

If using PS360+ Focus Attack carries them in stock and we provide support for it.

If padhacking there are several places to go. In the “Tech Talk” threads carry the most amount of knowledge shared by many new and experienced modders. An example of a new modder who found a great way to make his Q4 work also on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, 360 and PC can be found here . If you want to peruse this route I would suggest seeking out a modder that could do it for you. If you are more adventurous and you want to take it on yourself, please spend a good amount of time studying and practicing soldering and understanding voltage meter readings.

If buying an adapter understand there is an inherent risk you may not be allowed to use it somewhere else like a friend or tournament’s consoles. But if you are a casual at home player this is the most affordable option.


This sheet will continue growing with information and suggestions and look forward to helping you catch up to next gen.



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