Ultimarc J-PAC 6-button support on Taito Egret 3 Cabinet?

ULTIMARC-JPAC-JAMMA.jpgWe received a ticket from a customer asking about whether the Ultimarc PC to JAMMA Pushbutton and Joystick Interface PCB offered 6-button support for the Taito Egret 3 arcade cabinet.  We turned to professional joystick modder and arcade builder Lemony Vengeance for some insight.  You may find that this approach may also work for your JAMMA based cabinet.


Hi, I've recently bought a Taito Egret cabinet 3 with street fighter 6 buttons wiring. I'm planning to build a MAME cab and would like to know a bit about ULTIMARC J-PAC adapter that you guys are selling here.

From the installation diagram, it looks like there is no 6th button supported for P1 and P2 (which I believe is a kick button for many CPS2 games including street fighter).

If I buy the J-PAC, how should I configure it to support 6th button? 


Per the J-PAC FAQ:

Inputs supported directly through the JAMMA connector are:Player 1 and 2 joysticks, Player 1 and 2 buttons 1,2,3,4. Coin 1, Coin 2, Start1, Start2.
Inputs supported by the screw terminals are:
Player 1 and 2 buttons 4,5,6,7,8.

Buttons 5 and 6 are supported over the Screw terminals, but since Pins 26 and d (on the opposite side of the JAMMA Edge) aren’t connected to the Screw terminals on the J-PAC, and button 5 for each player on the Egrets goes over the Jamma harness, You’ll need to solder a wire from the pin on the JAMMA edge to the appropriate screw terminal.

As for button 6, there should be a connector inside the Egret 3’s PCB bay with the Letter S stamped on it. This is where the 6th buttons for each player are routed to. The Wiring diagram for the Egret 3 can be found here, on the final page:


The Connector that is used here is the JST YLP-02V, pins are model SYF-41T-P0.5A

you will need to route the signals from here to the button 6 screw terminal on the J-PAC.

This way all 6 buttons will be routed to the JPAC, and can be picked up by it.

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