How to install Phreakmods Cerberus (Assembled) into MadCatz TE-S

With such a fitting name, Phreak Mods all new dual-mod joystick PCB for modern MadCatz XBOX360 joysticks allows you add a solderless, firmware-upgradable and easy-to-install Sony Playstation 3™ and PC solution.

The first two faces of the Cerberus PCB - the top and bottom face - is compatible with the following MadCatz series and variants (please note that older MadCatz TE joysticks, such as TE Round 1 and Round 2 are NOT compatible)

*Cerberus requires additional installation step for Soul Calibur V and Fightstick PRO models.  Please refer to the installation guide for an explanation.

Pro-joystick builder Donovan Myers shows you how to install the Cerberus into a MadCatz Soul Calibur TE Fightstick.



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