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Dear FocusAttack,

I am building my own Hitbox, and was looking for what is needed to make one from scratch. Can you help me?


 joelshitbox.jpg(photo courtesy of Joel Condit)

1st thing you need is a plan. The hitbox is, in its simplest form, a user-designed input device for gameplay. Do you want to use the traditional button layout? Do you want to make your own layout? Look online for ideas and designs from various forums (example:

SRK member Butteroj made a great layout for button placement found on the linked forum:


Next thing you need is a case. Please refrain from shoe and pizza boxes. Find something durable that will protect your components. With a hole saw (24mm and 30mm) you can retrofit a some fightsticks into a hitbox. A custom made from scratch case would provide the best results in comfort and layout design. There are also several custom fabrication stores on the web.

Lastly, you will need parts. Based on the traditional hitbox layout of 14 24mm buttons (3 for select, home and start) and one 30mm button (used for UP movement) you can use any we carry in stock for these sizes 

Brook/IST PS3/PS4 PCBs and Brook Universal Fighting Board are good PCBs to use for hitbox that will cover the current most popular consoles. These boards also have built in SOCD cleaners. Most modern hitboxes have a SOCD cleaner (this removes Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions - ie. you can't press up and down at the same time) (includes a .187 harness that can be crimped for hitbox directional button use)

Wires and wiring; it is recommended to use .110 quick disconnects to connect your buttons and 22 gauge wire however you should also check the size  connector the button uses (Sanwa Seimitsu and Gamerfinger use .110) we offer these wire and connectors already crimped and ready for connection. To connect the PCB to the console you will need a usb or ethernet to usb cable. As an optional safety precaution consider a Neutrik passthrough with a small cable to connect to the passthrough and pcb.

This is just a barebones list. There are many other things from case and PCB feet to LEDs and art. Please consult us at for assistance. As always, share your pics of your creations and mods with us. 


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