How do you add artwork to a MadCatz SE or WWE Brawlstick?

The MadCatz SE or WWE Brawlstick is a nice compact size for those who like don't need or want a large joystick.  However, getting custom art installed isn't as straightforward as a TE.  For those asking, this tutorial by ImpactClash, along with some other comments by members on Facebook, may help:

How to Replace The Artwork On Your MadCatz SE Fightstick Mod by impactclash

From Facebook:

James Glasgow hey so i have a couple of SE's i keep around the house (i used to love the size but ive moved to eightarcs for tournament play) and i like replacing the art - i would avoid normal sticker or label making unless its on a thick stock.... i had some lamilabel from kinkos on one and a) it peels quickly and b) since its not as thick the buttons had a small gap

i really recommend going to a print shop (kinkos will work) and getting your art printed on some heavy card stock that is laminated properly then using a good epoxy to glue it down, will last a lot longer and feel a lot better

and really i did this for under $10, it was about $5 for the art and $5 for some good epoxy

Jonathan Alegre For those who are going to Kinkos, their adhesive backing is called Lami-label. If you use the existing template from SRK, it should just be a straight forward print

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