Video Tutorials for Modding a Madcatz SE Fightstick/Brawlstick

mad-catz-brawlstick.jpgHere are a few basic video tutorials that show you how to replace the stock joystick and buttons with new parts.


 A short and simple explanation on how to replace parts(~5 minutes):

"Inside of the WWE BrawlStick: Short Tutorial on How to Mod"  video by youtube username:  "onis"



 A slightly more detailed explanation(~9 minutes):

"Madcatz Sanwa Button and Joystick Mod Tutorial"  video by youtube username:  "narayita"



A more in-depth tutorial on replacing stock parts with sanwa parts(~30 minutes): 

"Sanwa Upgrade for PS3 Madcatz SE fight stick"  videos by youtube username:   "kornstew"

  • (part 1)
  • (part 2)
  • (part 3)


I found this page of to be very helpful in choosing between different buttons and joysticks from different companies:

"Joystick and Button Attributes and Brand Parts"




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