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I just ordered a Wii U Tekken Tag Tournament 2 TE Fightstick. My plan is to mod it so that I'm able to use the stick on PS2 as well as Wii/Wii U. More flexibility would be a plus, but not a must. I'm looking for advice as to what would be my best course of action- the Cthulhu MC w/ an RJ45 setup, or an Akishop PS360+? Also, would I be better off dual modding, or ripping out the original PCB and using a GC/PSX RJ45 setup? I already have an upgraded (Sanwa parts) Brawlstick, so 360/pc support is not important to me.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Rampage,

I would suggest going with the Cthulhu MC w/ RJ45 jack setup. It would be cheaper than going with the PS360+ setup. Especially since adding 360 support is not of much importance.

I would also highly suggest dual modding it over gutting out the original pcb. The reason being is if you remove the pcb, you will lose the ability to play on Wii U because of its lack of GC ports. Having the GC/Wii-remote combo gives you more flexibility. If playing on Wii you'll have the option of just plugging through the GC port or play wireless. There might also be some games that can only be used with one or the other type of controller.

The Cthulu w/ RJ45 route does sound more appealing, given the fact that I have a bunch of old consoles stashed away. I'm thinking it would be easier to do a Cthulhu replacement, then buy a Mayflash GC to Wii/Wii U converter later if needed. I actually don't even (or yet have much desire to) own a Wii U, I bought the stick because a) it was a good price for a stick with good parts ($79 clearance from Madcatz), and b) I wanted something good to play TvC and Virtual Console (Neo Geo in particular) games with.

Thanks for the help, and expect an order from me soon.

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